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Selected refereed articles in journals


Asami, M*., Lam, B*., Hoffman M., Suzuki, T., Lu X., Yoshida, N., Ma M.K., Rainbow, K.,  Gužvić, M., VerMilyea, M.D., Yeo, G.S.H. Klein, C.A. and Perry, A.C.F.  

A program of successive gene expression in mouse one-cell embryos

Cell Rep.  2023: doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2023.112023.

Perry, A.C.F., Asami, M., Lam, B., and Yeo, G.S.H. 'The initiation of mammalian embryonic transcription: to begin at the beginning'

Trends in Cell Biology   2022 :


Asami, M*., Lam, B*., Ma, M.K., Rainbow, K., Braun, S., VerMilyea, M.D., Yeo, G.S.H. and Perry, A.C.F.   Human embryonic genome activation initiates at the one-cell stage. 

Cell Stem Cell  2022 :


Santini K, Halbritter F, Titz-Teixeira F, Suzuki T, Asami M, Ramesmayer J, Ma X, Lackner A, Warr N, Pauler F, Hippenmeyer S, Laue E, Farlik M, Bock C, Beyer A, Perry ACF & Leep M.
Genomic imprinting in mouse blastocysts is predominantly associated with H3K27me3
Nat.Commun. 2021


Duch M*, Torras N*, Asami M*, Suzuki T*, Arjona MI*, Gómez-Martínez R, VerMilyea M, Castilla R, Plaza JA & Perry ACF.
Tracking intracellular forces and changes to mechanical properties in mouse one-cell embryo development. 

Nat Mater.  19, 1114–1123 (2020).

*joint first author


Zhou D, Suzuki T, Asami M, Perry ACF. 
Caput epididymidal mouse sperm support full development. Dev Cell. 2019 Jul 1;50(1):5-6. 


Nick Warr, Joel May, Lydia Teboul, Toru Suzuki, Maki Asami, Anthony Perry, Sara Wells, and Andy Greenfield.  Characterisation and use of a functional Gadd45g bacterial artificial chromosome.  Sci Rep. 2018 


Suzuki T*, Asami M*, Patel SG, Luk LYP, Tsai YH, Perry ACF. Switchable genome editing via genetic code expansion. Sci Rep. 2018 Jul 3;8(1):10051. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-28178-3.  *co-first author

Toru Suzuki*, Maki Asami*, Sanjay G. Patel, Louis Y.P. Luk, Yu-Hsuan Tsai & Anthony C.F. Perry (2018)

Swichable genome editing via genetic code expansion

Scientific Reports 

*co-first author

Biorxiv doi:

Greenfield A, Braude P, Flinter F, Lovell-Badge R, Ogilvie C, Perry ACF (2017)

Assisted reproductive technologies to prevent human mitochondrial disease transmission.

Nat Biotechnol. 9;35(11):1059-1068 doi: 10.1038/nbt.3997


Toru Suzuki, Maki Asami, Martin Hoffmann, Xin Lu, Miodrag Guzˇvic´, Christoph A. Klein & Anthony C.F. Perry (2016)

Mice produced by mitotic reprogramming of sperm injected into haploid parthenogenotes

Nat. Commun. 7:12676 doi:10.1038/ncomms12676


Yoshinori Okamoto, Naoko Yoshida, Toru Suzuki, Nobuhiro Shimozawa, Maki Asami, Tomonari Matsuda, Nakao Kojima, Anthony C.F. Perry & Tatusyuki Takada (2016)

DNA methylation dynamics in mouse preimplantation embryos revealed by mass spectrometry

Scientific Reports 6, Article number:19134


Martin Leeb, Anthony C.F. Perry, Anton Wutz (2015)

Establishment and Use of Mouse Haploid ES Cells

Current Protocols in Mouse Biology 5:155-185


Bosley KS, Botchan M, Bredenoord AL, Carroll D, Charo RA, Charpentier E, Cohen R, Corn J, Doudna J, Feng G, Greely HT, Isasi R, Ji W, Kim JS, Knoppers B, Lanphier E, Li J, Lovell-Badge R, Martin GS, Moreno J, Naldini L, Pera M, Perry AC, Venter JC, Zhang F, Zhou Q. (2015)

CRISPR germline engineering-the community speaks.

Nat Biotechnol. 33, 478-486.


Toru Suzuki*, Maki Asami* & Anthony C.F. Perry (2014)

Asymmetric Parental genome engineering by Cas9 during mouse meiotic exit

Scientific Reports 4, Article number:7621

*co-first author


Perry, A.C.F. (2013). A caffeine fix for human nuclear transfer?

Nature Biotechnol. 31, 717–719.


Onishi A, Perry A.C.F (2012) Livestock production via micromanipulation Practical Manual of In Vitro Fertilization 7, (41):371-375.


Suzuki, S., Iwamoto, M., Saito, Y., Fuchimoto, D., Sembon, S., Suzuki, M., Mikawa, S., Hashimoto, M., Aoki, Y., Najima, Y., Takagi, S., Suzuki, N., Suzuki, E., Kubo, M., Mimuro, J., Kashiwakura, Y., Madoiwa, S., Sakata, Y., Perry, A.C.F., Ishikawa, F. and Onishi, A. (2012). Il2rg gene-targeted severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) pigs. Cell Stem Cell 10, 753-758.

The first SCID pigs.


VerMilyea, M.D., Maneck, M., Yoshida, N., Blochberger, I., Suzuki, E., Suzuki, T., Spang, R., Klein, C.A. and Perry, A.C.F. (2011). Transcriptome asymmetry within mouse zygotes but not between early embryonic sister blastomeres. EMBO J. 30, 1841-1851.

The embryos of mammals - in contrast to those of other metazoans - lack programmed maternal transcriptome asymmetry.


Suzuki, T., Suzuki, E., Yoshida, N., Kubo, A., Li, H., Okuda, E., Amanai, M. and Perry, A.C.F. (2010). Mouse Emi2 as a distinctive regulatory hub in second meiotic metaphase. Development 137, 3281-3291.


Suzuki, T., Yoshida, N., Suzuki, E., Okuda, E. and Perry, A.C.F. (2010). Full-term mouse development by abolishing Zn2+-dependent metaphase II arrest without Ca2+ release. Development 137, 2659-2669.

Zn2+ is required for meiotic homeostasis but Ca2+ release at fertilization is dispensable for full development.


Perry, A.C.F. and Verlhac, M.-H. (2008). Second meiotic arrest and exit in frogs and mice. EMBO Rep. 9, 246-251


Yoshida, N., Amanai, M., Fukui, T., Kajikawa, E., Brahmajosyula, M., Iwahori, A., Nakano, Y., Shoji, S., Diebold, J., Hessel, H., Huss, R. and Perry, A.C.F. (2007). Broad, ectopic expression of the sperm protein, PLCZ1 induces parthenogenesis and ovarian tumours in mice. Development 134, 3941-3952.


Yoshida, N. and Perry, A.C.F. (2007). Piezo-actuated mouse intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Nature Protoc. 2, 296-304.



Yoshida, N., Brahmajosyula, M., Shoji, S., Amanai, M. and Perry, A.C.F. (2007). Epigenetic discrimination by mouse metaphase II oocytes mediates asymmetric chromatin remodeling independently of meiotic exit. Dev. Biol. 301, 464-477.


Amanai, M., Shoji, S., Yoshida, N., Brahmajosyula, M. and Perry, A.C.F. (2006). Injection of mammalian metaphase II oocytes with short interfering RNAs to dissect meiotic and early mitotic events. Biol. Reprod. 75, 891-898.


Amanai, M., Brahmajosyula, M. and Perry, A.C.F. (2006). A restricted role for sperm-borne microRNAs in mammalian fertilization. Biol. Reprod. 75, 877-884.

The first analysis of gamete-borne miRNA.


Shoji, S., Yoshida, N., Amanai, M., Ohgishi, M., Fukui, T., Fujimoto, S., Nakano, Y., Kajikawa, E. and Perry, A.C.F. (2006). Mammalian Emi2 mediates cytostatic arrest and transduces the signal for meiotic exit via Cdc20. EMBO J. 25, 834-845.

The identification of mammalian CSF and elucidation of its mechanism.


Fujimoto, S., Yoshida, N., Fukui, T., Amanai, M., Isobe, T., Itagaki, C., Izumi, T. and Perry, A.C.F. (2004). Mammalian phospholipase Cζ induces oocyte activation from the sperm perinuclear matrix. Dev. Biol. 274, 370-383.


Perry, A.C.F. (2002). Metaphase II transgenesis. Reprod BioMed. Online 3, 279-284.


Perry, A.C.F., Rothman, A., de las Heras, J.I., Feinstein, P., Mombaerts, P., Cooke H.J. and Wakayama, T. (2001). Efficient metaphase II transgenesis with different transgene archetypes. Nature Biotechnol. 19, 1071-1073.

Cover feature.


Wakayama, T., Tabar, V., Rodriguez, I., Perry, A.C.F., Studer, L. and Mombaerts, P. (2001). Differentiation of embryonic stem cell lines generated from adult somatic cells by nuclear transfer. Science 292, 740-743.

The first report of ntES cells.


Onishi, A., Iwamoto, M., Akita, T., Mikawa, S., Takeda, K., Awata, T., Hanada, H. and Perry, A.C.F. (2000). Pig cloning by microinjection of fetal fibroblast nuclei. Science 289, 1188-1190.

The first report of pigs cloned from somatic cell nuclei.


Perry, A.C.F. (2000). Hijacking oocyte DNA repair machinery in transgenesis? Mol. Reprod. Dev. 56, 319-324.


Perry, A.C.F., Wakayama, T., Cooke, I.M. and Yanagimachi, R. (2000). Mammalian oocyte activation by the synergistic action of discrete sperm head components: induction of calcium transients and involvement of proteolysis. Dev. Biol. 217, 386-393.


Wakayama, T., Rodriguez, I., Perry, A.C.F., Yanagimachi, R. and Mombaerts, P. (1999). Mice cloned from embryonic stem cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 96, 14984-14989.

The first report of cloning by nuclear transfer from ES cells.


Perry, A.C.F., Wakayama, T., Kishikawa, H., Kasai, T., Okabe, M., Toyoda, Y. and Yanagimachi, R. (1999). Mammalian transgenesis by intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Science 284, 1180-1183.

The first report of transgenesis by injecting unfertilized mammalian oocytes.


Perry, A.C.F., Wakayama, T. and Yanagimachi, R. (1999). A novel trans-complementation assay suggests full mammalian oocyte activation is coordinately initiated by multiple, submembrane sperm compartments. Biol. Reprod. 60, 747-755.


Wakayama, T., Perry, A.C.F., Zuccotti, M., Johnson, K.R. and Yanagimachi, R. (1998). Full-term development of mice from enucleated oocytes injected with cumulus cell nuclei. Nature 394, 369-374.

The first cloning of mice from adult, somatic cell nuclei.


Perry, A.C.F., Jones, R., Barker, P.J. and Hall, L. (1992). A mammalian epididymal protein with remarkable sequence similarity to snake venom haemorrhagic peptides. Biochem. J. 286, 671-675.

The first full-length ADAM protein family member.


Nature Protocols2, 296 - 304 (2007)

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