[April, 2022]

Tony has been appointed to the Scientific and Clinical Advances Advisory Committee, which considers advances in science and clinical practice relevant to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)

[December 21st, 2021] ‘Human embryonic genome activation initiates at the one-cell stage’

Our latest work published in Cell Stem Cell

[June 21st, 2021] 'Discovery of new imprinted genes'

our new paper is published in Nature Communications


[May 25th, 2020] 'Nanodevices show how cells change with time, by tracking from the inside' our new paper is published in Nature Materials

[October 22nd, 2019] 'This House Supports the Creation of Genetically Modified Human Babies' at the Warwick University Debating Union.

[November 16th, 2018] "Protein expression revisited" Our recent work has been featured in Science

[August 21st, 2018]  "DNA+: Beauty", BBC iPlayer programme    

[July 3rd, 2018] A novel switch to control genome editing

[June 14-15th, 2018] UK-Japan bilateral international meeting

[February 8th, 2018] 

Tony will give a talk about human genome editing at the Royal College of Physicians Advanced Medicine conference

[January 31st, 2018] Tony speaks at Festive of Genomics

[November 9th, 2017] Humans 2.0: the lab contributes to a review on mitochondrial replacement therapy in November’s issue of Nature Biotechnology

[June 14th, 2017]: Tony speaks at Ideacity, Toronto, on human genome editing