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Public engagement event
'Five Pints of Science'
at Packhorse
South Stoke Bath

Tuesday 11th July 2023

A great opportunity to discover some local Bath research and interact with the researchers

'Thank you all for being a part of the massive success!'

We are more than thankful that you attended ‘Five Pints of Science’. 

We are proud to have brought together such as amazing group of audiences and speakers to sharing the variety of interesting and excellent talks. 

"Great! Please do more!"

"We need to do similar one regularly scheduled basis"

"Excellent-thank you!"

"Very well organised-a great mix of sciences"

"Funny and informative"

"Stimulating and enjoyable, Thanks!"

"Throughtly enjoyed it, learned a lot. Thank you so much"

"Very well organised and fun evening-thank you!"

and more...

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*data updated on 20th July


Speakers :

  • Mr Stuart Cochran (Chief Technology Officer, Bridge U)


Talk title: AI - Is it a benefit or a threat to the World

"The artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT is the fastest growing consumer application in history. Will AI take over the World? Will it be a benefit or a threat to humankind?"


  • Dr Nobue Itasaki (Senior Lecturer, Bristol University)

Talk title: Why we study embryogenesis and how

"Isn’t it amazing that we can make our body from scratch (i.e., from one fertilised egg)?  We’ll explore how useful it is for our life to learn the mechanism"


short break

  • Mr Nathan Roberts(Physics PhD student, University of Bath)


Talk title: Optical Fibres: Not just for Netflix

"From sending messages to watching movies, optical fibre is crucial to our modern globalised lives. However, despite this widespread commercial success, the story of optical fibre is not over yet"

  • Dr Carmelo Herdes Moreno (Deputy Head of Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bath)


Talk title: Polymers with Memory

"Do you remember old detective movies where a piece of chalk was used to copy a key?

At Bath, we have the technology to make copies of molecules; come and listen to the how and use of these!"



  • Prof Tony Perry (Professor, Department of Life Sciences, University of Bath)


Talk title: The Good Egg

"Embryos from skin, your own identical twins (hundreds of them), kids with wings, and the Neanderthal next door?  Come and find out more about the good egg, with added unfunny 'yoke', at no extra cost."



Organizer: Dr Maki Asami (Research Fellow, Department of Life Sciences, University of Bath)





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